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A career in corporate finance means you would work for a company to help it find money to run the business, grow the business, make acquisitions, plan for its financial future and manage any cash on hand. You might work for a large multinational company or a smaller player with high growth prospects. Responsibility can come fast and your problem-solving skills will get put to work quickly in corporate finance jobs.

Find below the comments of Chicago Booth MBA students about their experience in corporate finance positions.

Careers in Finance

Title: Finance & Accounting Intern
Company: Procter & Gamble

I showed up in Cincinnati three days after my last final without a clue as to what my projects would be or how I would fit in at P&G. I quickly found that my internship experience wasn't going to be normal, and that while I was being given a great chance, I also had to navigate some murky waters.

While my title was "Finance and Accounting Intern," the three projects I worked on were almost exclusively strategy projects, demonstrating how...
Title: MBA Finance Summer Intern
Company: American Express

Prior to attending Chicago Booth, I worked as an Investment Banking Analyst in JPMorgan's Industrials & Transportation Group, and then worked in News Corporation's three-person Corporate Development group supporting the company's Deputy CFO.

When deciding on what career path to pursue for a summer internship, I knew that I preferred working on the corporate side and that I wanted to stay in finance, but wanted a change from M&A. In order...

Ask yourself the following questions? Do you like working with numbers and spreadsheets? Do you enjoy numerical analysis? If the answers to these questions are "yes," you may like a career in finance.

But finance is a large field so you should also ask yourself the following:

Do you like working in an on-going business, reporting to top management? If so, maybe consider Finance in a company. Do you like working in a fast paced environment reacting to the markets? If so, maybe consider Sales & Trading. Do you like working on large projects in an intense environment but not necessarily with one company? If so, maybe consider Investment Banking Corporate Finance. Do you like evaluating company performance and stocks? If so, consider Equity Analysis in investment management.

Are you a finance person?

There are many careers in Finance. We have grouped some of those careers into categories here.

Finance in a Corporation: A typical position in a company is that of a Financial Analyst. Work can be in one of many different departments depending on the industry and company. For a manufacturer, positions exist in strategic planning, product development, and division controller's offices. Work can include financial analysis for feasibility, pricing, cost control, and budgeting to name a few.

Investment Banking: Merger & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Sales & Trading, or Debt & Equity Capital Markets.

Commercial Banking: Credit Analysis or General Management.

Investment Management: Equity Analyst or Portfolio Management